NetTets 2011

March 4th, 2011


The Telematic Collective participated in the NetTets 2011 concert on January 29, bringing together artists at sites in Canada (Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal, and Edmonton), and the United States (Indianapolis, IUPUI).   The concert was hosted and produced by Professor Ken Fields and the Syneme Lab at the University of Calgary, which is where the main performing stage and production center was located. Participating online groups included the New Music Ensemble Laptop Orchestra at University of Calgary, Concordia Laptop Orchestra (CLOrk), performers from University of Alberta, and University of British Columbia.  The Telematic Collective performed from the Indiana University Virtual Reality Theater and featured with the group was harpist Erzsébet Gaál. Live 3d graphics were created by artists from Professor Margaret Dolinsky’s 3-D art studio at the HR Hope School of Fine Arts, Indiana University Bloomington. The artists navigated through 3d environments they created for the VRT and set to music by members of the Collective.


Nuclear Sweet

Concept, Direction and Video, Ellen Pearlman
Dance for Camera, Jennifer Mahood
Technical Director and Sound, Raj Gill
Additional Music by Scott Deal with the Telematic Collective, IUPUI
Produced in association with Syneme Labs and the Donald Tavel Arts and Technology Research Center, IUPUI

Murray Missile

Murray Missile is a set of four short vignettes composed by graduate students in the IUPUI MSMT program, and includes elements for interactive improvisation from other remote site.

Second Place, by Dan Porter
Gash-Gold-Vermillion, by Joshua Fielder
Silent Woman, by Hang Yu
Patterns, by Nate Dominy

Erzsébet Gaál, Harp

Spring 2011 Telematic Collective: Scott Deal, Director. With Dan Porter, Joshua Fielder, Hang Yu, Nate Dominy, Mitchell Burns, Sophia Han, Shu-ting Yang, Chris Mahurin, Ben Rogge, Brenden Rhia, Kara Commons, and Nick Hartgrove.

Art work by Margaret Dolinsky, HR Hope School of Fine Arts, Indiana University Bloomington, with Chia-Yu Lin, Zhu Xiaoyuan, Mary LaVenture, MinYoung Kim, Steve Yim, Chris Harding-Sanchez, Paul Martersteck, and Austin Graft.

CanDLE (Canada Distributed Laptop Ensemble)

A telematic structured improvisation involving three laptop ensembles in three Canadian cities, each playing sounds of different durations: drones (Montreal), clicks (Edmonton), and short gestures (Calgary). Audience in Calgary will view the remote ensembles via a teleconference machine and hear the sounds of each ensemble projected from a different stereo pair of loudspeakers. The three performing ensembles are (1) the New Music Ensemble Laptop Orchestra (NuMuLO), directed by Laurie Radford at Calgary University, (2) Scott Smallwood and Mark Hannesson (Click Makers) at University of Alberta in Edmonton, and (3) Concordia Laptop Orchestra (CLOrk) – a 20 piece laptop orchestra at Concordia University in Montreal, directed and conducted (Soundpainting) by Eldad Tsabary.

What does a Body Know

for Digital Ventriloquized Actor (DIVA) and sound files
DIVA: Marguerite Witvoet
Libretto: Meryn Cadell
Music: Bob Pritchard
DIVA concept/creation: Sid Fels
Costuming/Harness: Helene Day-Fraser
Direction: James Tait
Current technical design and assistance: Johnty Wang, Cam Hassall, Nicolas d’Alessandro

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