Telematic Collective to Feature Stuart Sanders Smith World Premiere, Virtual Reality Environments, and more…

April 19th, 2011

The Telematic Collective with present its 2011 spring concert on April 21 at the IT Building, room 152 at IUPUI.  Joining the Collective online will be the Syneme Lab Telearts Ensemble at the University of Calgary (directed by Professor Ken Fields), and the RAT (Radical Arts Technology) Ensemble at the University of Missouri Kansas City Conservatory of Music (directed by Matthew Burtner) and the Hybrid Arts Lab at Indiana University Bloomington (directed by Margaret Dolinsky). The concert will feature Virtual Reality works that will also be able to be viewed simultaneously in the Virtual Reality Theater at IUPUI, also in the IT Building.  Additionally, a world premiere of a work conceived 39 years ago for the dynamics of the Internet by renowned American Composer Stuart Sanders Smith.

After the concert, the VR art environments will be on display and can be experienced in the virtual reality theater on the fourth floor.  The VR theater is similar to the concept of Star Trek’s holodeck providing visual illusions in 3D that can be navigated. The theater consists of head and hand tracking, stereoscopic displays and real time 3D rendering. As one navigates the environment using a joystick wand, the computer updates the display according to the navigator’s head and hand positions. This allows visitors to dynamically explore the environment from a first person perspective.

In 1972, Smith composed Here and There, IIa. Smith originally conceived the piece for performance using short wave radios to connect the musicians separated by distance, but the work was never performed.  Now, nearly 40 years in waiting it will be realized by the IUPUI Telematic Collective and Syneme Telearts Ensemble. Since the purpose of the piece was to connect players spread across large distances, it has the same characteristics as works performed across the Internet.  Of the use of the Internet, Smith says: “I never knew this would be possible when I wrote the piece, but this is the purpose I had in mind.”  The work is a semester-length project of Joshua Fielder, who will be graduating in the summer with a Master’s of Science in Music Technology (MSMT) from IUPUI.

The concert will also feature student musicians from IUPUI performing original compositions set to Virtual Reality environments created by students in the Hybrid Arts Lab at Indiana University Bloomington, under the direction of Professor Margaret Dolinsky.  As an added feature, audience members will be encouraged to tour the Virtual Reality Theater (VRT), also in the IT Building, in order to see the performance from a different perspective.  The VRT will also be open for approximately one hour after the concert for viewing of 15 newly created environments, and to watch as the student artists navigate through them.

The RAT Ensemble will be performing with the TC using an interactive cloud system named NOMADS, that enables users to perform with their laptops over the web in tandem with the music onstage. Audience members are encouraged to bring their laptop computers to the concert, where they will be able to join in the performance of the work titled Nomadica.

The Syneme Labs Telearts Ensemble will be performing online works that utilize spoken word, video mixing, and a sensor glove manipulating music parameters in real-time.