Telematic Collective Nears Fall 2011 Performance

November 16th, 2011

The Telematic Collective and the graduate students of the Herron School of Art are continuing work on the various pieces of the December 1st performance. The performance will involve creating content that will be presented in two separate spaces in two evenings, both connected to each other.  The musicians of the Telematic Collective will perform in the Auditorium of the IT Building at IUPUI while artists will project sculptures and various other works of art and videography at the Basile Gallery in the Herron School of Art.  Photo: Josh Emanuel (front) and Gabriel Garber rehearsing

Photo:  From left: Evan Boles, Josh Emanuel, Scott Deal, and Gabriel Garber discussing plans for a piece of music

Photo:  From left: Cameron Weaver, Evan Boles, and Scott Deal

Photos by Melissa McShea