ZeroSpace 2011

March 4th, 2011


ZeroSpace was a telematic conference and concert presented by the Center for 21st Century Studies at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. Organized by Matthew Burtner, the event included Chris Chafe of Stanford University, the Interactive Media Research Group, the Telematic Collective, Margaret Dolinsky, Christopher Burns, and Scott Deal. Photo: Nick Hartgrove performs Deconstructions #4 (M. Drews, 2011) online from Indiana with the composer and myself onstage in Milwaukee.
Concert Program:

7:00 pm PSOA Music Recital Hall

Telematic interactive performances between UWM and UVA, IUPUI/Indianapolis, CCRMA/Stanford, and UMKC/Kansas City, featuring music and performances by Burtner, Chafe, Deal, Michael Drews (IUPUI), Aurie Hsu (UVA), IMRG, IUPUI Telematic CollectiveSteven Kemper(UVA), John Mayhood (UVA), MICE(UVA), MiLO (UWM), Chryssie Nanou (Stanford), RAT (UMKC), and David Topper (UVA).

Featured performers in the IUPUI Telematic Collective include Chuiyaun Meng, technical director; Nick Hartgrove, percussion; Brendon Rhia, Kara Commons, and Ben Rogge, technical support; and Margaret Dolinsky (Indiana University, Bloomington), VRT Navigation. Featured performers in RATinclude Scott Blasco, John Chittum, Andrew Cole, Scott King, James Kirkpatrick, Betty Liang, Nicholas Mason, Stamos Martin, and Jamie Searle. “Deconstructions No. 4″ for telematic musicians and 3-D animation, music by Michael Drews and 3-D animation by Margaret Dolinsky

“Ester Parade” for telematic musicians and video, music by Scott Deal and video by Jordan Munson

“Iceprints” for three pianos and three-channel sub-ice ecoacoustics
Matthew Burtner, composer; Aurie Hsu (UVA), John Frederick Mayhood (UVA), and Chryssie Nanou (Stanford), pianists

MiLO Milwaukee Laptop Orchestra performance
Christopher Burns (UWM), director

“RAT vs MICE” interactive performance through NOMADS with Radical Arts Technology/RAT (UMKC) and Mobile Interactive Computer Ensemble/MICE (UVA)
Matthew Burtner, director; featuring NOMADS by the IMRG: Burtner, Kemper, and Topper

“Shadows No. 5″ belly dance and sensor-based interaction performance
Aurie Hsu and Steven Kemper

“Siren Cloud” for piano, telematics, and interactive carbon dioxide sensors
Chris Chafe, composer; Chryssie Nanou (Stanford), pianist