Budapest Performance

November 21st, 2012

The Telematic Collective, along with harpist Erzsébet Gaal and Big Robot ensemble members Michael Drews and Jordan Munson, presented a telematic music and video concert at the Budapest Palace of the Arts in November 2012. Deal and Gaal were in Budapest, and the rest of the group performed from Indiana.  Pictured above is the performance of Goldstream Variations (2012), by Scott Deal, performed by Deal, Gaal, Kent Hanie, Javier Osorio Sanchez and Gayle Jones on cameras.  The work utilizes an artificial intelligence application called ml*, created by Ben Smith. Ml* implements adaptive resonance theory, self-organizing maps, and spatial encoding neural nets in the MaxMSP programming environment. The software was implemented and worked in the composition by Javier Osorio Sanchez.