The Telematic Collective creates original artistic works that interweave aesthetic expression with information technology and computer engineering research.Telematic art synthesizes mediums such as live music, dance, drama and visual arts with Internet-based interactive media and performance content. The resulting productions connect media-rich spaces to the real world using modern communication systems to create powerful and evocative experiences. This is a new and highly innovative medium whose possibilities are being explored by research institutions, visualization labs and computing centers worldwide.

Since 2007, the Collective has been coordinated through the Donald Tavel Arts Technology Research Center at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI). The group consists of graduate and undergraduate students enrolled in the Department of Music and Arts Technology at IUPUI.  These students, along with their faculty members, then interface with professionals, other students and interested artists working in music, dance, drama, literature, visual arts, videography, software development, information technology, scientific inquiry and computer engineering. Together these collaborations, focused on computer interactivity and artistic use of telecommunications, create new and original media-enriched works for the performing stage.

The Collective engages issues of culture and thought through funded research, production and education in collaboration with arts, humanities and research institutions. Both location-based applications (media, performance, and installation events) and distribution-based formats (Internet2 high-speed bandwidth) are employed.