Concert: Hear/Here the Future, Parts 1 and 2

November 28th, 2011

Hear/Here the Future: Part 1 and Part 2
Graduate students from the Music and Arts Technology Department and the Herron School of Art at IUPUI will be collaborating on two evening performances this December 1 and 7. Hear/Here the Future: Part 1 will take place beginning at 7:30 p.m., Thursday, Dec.1, in the Auditorium in the ICTC building at IUPUI. The performing ensemble will be the Telematic Collective, a media-arts performance group.  This 75-minute, telematic event consists of a multi-media, live performance with musicians on the auditorium stage along with large-screen video projections and the incorporation of live video feed and other visual artworks together with live musicians playing in Herron School Basile Center. Also featured will be a performance over high-bandwidth Internet with the Salt Lake Electric Ensemble (SLEE). » Read the rest of this entry «

Telematic Collective Nears Fall 2011 Performance

November 16th, 2011

The Telematic Collective and the graduate students of the Herron School of Art are continuing work on the various pieces of the December 1st performance. The performance will involve creating content that will be presented in two separate spaces in two evenings, both connected to each other.  The musicians of the Telematic Collective will perform in the Auditorium of the IT Building at IUPUI while artists will project sculptures and various other works of art and videography at the Basile Gallery in the Herron School of Art.  Photo: Josh Emanuel (front) and Gabriel Garber rehearsing

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Telematic Collective and Big Robot

October 11th, 2011

On Saturday, October 8, Big Robot performed a concert at Lala Gallery in West Lafeyette as part of the E3 Series for Improvisation Performance. The E3 Series hosts live performances by artists who feature improvisation. The series brings in artists from various art disciplines, including music, dance, and spoken word. Don Nichols, one of the event’s coordinators and a percussionist, improvised a piece with Big Robot before the group played their set. Members of the Telematic Collective assisted Big Robot in creating a networked environment to perform their multimedia works. More information about the E3 Series for Improvisation Performance can be found at

Photo: Big Robot’s setup in the Lala Gallery in West Lafeyette. Photo by Rachel Daley.
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Fall 2011 Project

October 11th, 2011

Telematic Collective has launched an exciting new collaboration with graduate students from the Herron School of Art at IUPUI. The art students, members of Professor Craig McDaniel’s art studio course, are working with MSMT graduate students in the creation of material for a concert/installation scheduled for December 2011. Current plans are for the Telematic Collective to perform at concert at the IT building at IUPUI that is beamed over to the art gallery at the Herron School of Art where it is presented as installation material for their class project on December 1. One week later, on December 7, the installation at Herron will open. We will open with content integrated between the two classes of students.

More information coming soon.

Concert with Peter Kates: From Indiana to Norway

May 1st, 2011

Performance of Response 1 by Arne Nordheim, Peter Kates onstage, S. Deal online.

On April 27, Scott Deal performed online in concert with Peter Kates, of the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra in Bergen Norway. The work was “Response 1″ by Norwegian composer Arne Nordheim, for two percussionists and electronic tape. The concert was a recital in Norway presented by Peter and this work was on the program. Deal performed from the Tavel Lab at IUPUI, Indianapolis.

Telematic Collective to Feature Stuart Sanders Smith World Premiere, Virtual Reality Environments, and more…

April 19th, 2011

The Telematic Collective with present its 2011 spring concert on April 21 at the IT Building, room 152 at IUPUI.  Joining the Collective online will be the Syneme Lab Telearts Ensemble at the University of Calgary (directed by Professor Ken Fields), and the RAT (Radical Arts Technology) Ensemble at the University of Missouri Kansas City Conservatory of Music (directed by Matthew Burtner) and the Hybrid Arts Lab at Indiana University Bloomington (directed by Margaret Dolinsky). The concert will feature Virtual Reality works that will also be able to be viewed simultaneously in the Virtual Reality Theater at IUPUI, also in the IT Building.  Additionally, a world premiere of a work conceived 39 years ago for the dynamics of the Internet by renowned American Composer Stuart Sanders Smith.

After the concert, the VR art environments will be on display and can be experienced in the virtual reality theater on the fourth floor.  The VR theater is similar to the concept of Star Trek’s holodeck providing visual illusions in 3D that can be navigated. The theater consists of head and hand tracking, stereoscopic displays and real time 3D rendering. As one navigates the environment using a joystick wand, the computer updates the display according to the navigator’s head and hand positions. This allows visitors to dynamically explore the environment from a first person perspective.

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NetTets 2011

March 4th, 2011


The Telematic Collective participated in the NetTets 2011 concert on January 29, bringing together artists at sites in Canada (Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal, and Edmonton), and the United States (Indianapolis, IUPUI).   The concert was hosted and produced by Professor Ken Fields and the Syneme Lab at the University of Calgary, which is where the main performing stage and production center was located. » Read the rest of this entry «

ZeroSpace 2011

March 4th, 2011


ZeroSpace was a telematic conference and concert presented by the Center for 21st Century Studies at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. Organized by Matthew Burtner, the event included Chris Chafe of Stanford University, the Interactive Media Research Group, the Telematic Collective, Margaret Dolinsky, Christopher Burns, and Scott Deal. Photo: Nick Hartgrove performs Deconstructions #4 (M. Drews, 2011) online from Indiana with the composer and myself onstage in Milwaukee. » Read the rest of this entry «